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Our Selection of Glazing and Coating Options for Windows

If you want to enhance the look of the windows of your doors, AWG Windows & Doors can help. While many doors are designed to go with a specific type of glass, we offer ones that you can customize with coating and any of the following glass types, ranging from 0% (completely transparent) to 100% (completely obscure):

Clear (0%)

Diffused white laminate (95%)

Delta frost (90%)

Glue chip (60%)


Rain (80%)

Vecchio (75%)

Depending on your choice of door design and glass pattern, your price will vary. Please note that not all glazing and coating options are available for your window. If you would like to know more about available options, please contact us.

Don’t see the specialty glass pattern you wanted? Please let us know so that we can help source it for you.

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